Debbie Hatzivassiliou

Founder of WorkWise, a training and human resources consulting firm. Born in Chicago, Ill. and moved to Greece with my family when I was eight years old. Graduated from Campion School in 1985. Began my professional career in September 1987 in the field of sales and advertisement.

In 1989 moved to Manhattan, New York where I worked and studied simultaneously. Continued my professional career in the hotel business. In 1994 I had graduated and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Hunter College, New York City University and held the position of Sales and Marketing Director for two prime New York City Hotels. In 1995 I graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a Masters Degree in Social and Organizational Psychology.

1996 was the year I returned to Greece and begun working for a consultancy firm as a business consultant and trainer for many prime companies in Greece such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Elpen, Glaxo Welcome, Sarantis A.E., Oriflame, Boutaris, UDV, Citibank, Alpha Bank, HSBC, NISSAN, TOYOTA, AUDI-Cosmocar, SHELL, Elais-Unilever, Papastratos Tobacco, Intertrust, Fortune, Carrefour etc.

In January 2002, I kicked -off Workwise undertaking to this day important projects with prime companies such as Saab, BMW, Nestlé, Phillip Morris, Alpha Bank, L’Oreal, Reprise, Safety/ Safe-Bulkers, Alassia Shipping etc

I have trained over 65000 people in my tenure of all company levels and I have been involved in numerous consulting and coaching projects as have interviewed hundreds of people.

I am grateful to have the chance to make my hobby, my job.

I am grateful to be able to offer so much and receive even more.

I am grateful that my heart beats every time I face participants, coaches, mentees, people who want to develop and thirst for knowledge.

I am grateful for every aha moment I have experienced and for all the aha moments I facilitated.

I am grateful…

In my 25 year journey in the corporate life, from a position as an assistant to the Marketing Director at Nestle to a position as the head of Communications and Public Affairs at Roche, I always kept my focus on the “how” of each individual.
Even my thesis for my Masters in Marketing and Communication at the Economics and Business University of Athens was not about Marketing or Communication but about the characteristics of successful employees in the pharmaceutical sector.
I wondered what differentiated individuals with outstanding energy from day to night while others were dehydrated under the neon lights of the empty offices? I enjoyed the exploration of talents and special qualities I dedicated time and energy working on the corporate social responsibility programs. Luckily Roche rewarded my dedication with a trip to Malawi, which turned out to be a life changing journey. Long days of hard work led me to a great result. Helping a child or an adult explore qualities and be able to best identify their field of success, fulfills my heart and sweetens my Sunday evening blues. I found my self. Doing what I am, I discovered my anti-agreeing agent, which keeps me going.
During all of this I have kept myself busy making dried flower arrangements, organizing music concerts in Bucharest, selling sunglasses at a store downtown Athens and books in a suburban bookstore, travelling all over the planet but – most of all – travelling deep into my soul.

Mary Marketaki

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WorkWell is a Corporate Wellness Provider, offering on-site & on-line services. We apply a 360° approach, providing turn-key solutions by managing the entire implementation and communication process end to end on behalf of our clients. We build our ideas and projects based on three pillars: 1) Physichal, 2) Mental and 3) Nutritional and have positively affected the daily lifes of 9.800 employees and counting. We remain focused on improving engagement, shifting company culture and enhancing your people’s job satisfaction.

Yiannis Kapaios

Combine working several years for large corporations with an active wellness lifestyle and a strong idea, you get a direction. Couple that with an amazing team and you get WorkWell. Corporate Wellness is for me an exciting, growing and of course healthy field to be involved in and gives our team the opportunity to improve the day-to-day of others.

Positively minded, well-travelled and grateful for what we do!

Artemis Bogdou  is a PhD Candidate at University College London and  the main focus of her research is entrepreneurial training, and specifically the development, adaptation and evaluation of psychology-based interventions on business outcomes.
 She functions as a Teaching Assistant at University College London,  and works in the developing and developed world with entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, governments and universities to help promote economic development and entrepreneurship.

Artemis Bogdou

Created in 2007, Original Senses continues to set new standards in luxury travel. Our mission is to help you see the world differently. We are not fond of the mundane. We have always set out to be distinctive. We believe the biggest attraction in every trip lies in the unknown. On every journey, we are drawn to what makes us different, because this is what brings us together – sharing new experiences with people in places beyond our familiar comfort zone.

Michelle Clarke is a Global Leadership Coach and Coach Tutor. Originally from South Africa, she is currently based in Santiago, Chile. Michelle discovered Improv later in her life and immediately fell in love with the art form and its powerful application to her coaching clients and the world of business. She has studied under many talented Improv instructors including Jason Delplanque (The Maydays, UK), Joe Bill, (founding member of the Annoyance Theater Chicago), John Cremer (The Maydays, UK) and Gary Schwatz (Spoilin Players). She recently completed a course in musical Improv with Kaivalya Plays plays based in Delhi India. Michelle is one of the founding members of The LongShots Improv Troupe (South Africa) and the founding member of Improv Santiago. In 2016 she immersed herself in the 5-week Improv intensive hosted by the iO Theatre in Chicago. In 2019 Michelle attended the ImproFest in Sofia, Bulgaria after which she traveled to Prague to deliver an Applied Improv Workshop for 200 coaches at the International Coach Federation’s global conference. More recently she has delivered Applied Improv workshops for IODA (Internal Organization Development Association), The American Embassy in Chile, The ICF Malaysia and The Meta-Coach Foundation International. She has a track record of successful Applied Improv interventions within organizations that show real results. Michelle also hosts and facilitates a 10,5 hour 6-week Improv Train the Trainer Course for coaches and facilitators.

Michelle Clarke

Menelaos Prokos

Menelaos Prokos is a theatrical improviser, and founder and artistic director of ImproVIBE, Greece’s first improv theater school. He studied in Manchester, UK where he got his postgraduate and master’s degree in Computer programming. After traveling nomadically for 13 years all around the world and having lived in the UK, Argentina, China and the USA, he settled in the world of theater. He studied Improvised Comedy Theater at Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas in the USA.


He returned to Greece in 2012 and founded ImproVIBE. He now teaches and performs improv all around Greece. He also works with many theatres and festivals all over the world and often practices his trade abroad, as he’s been a guest teacher and performer in the USA, Colombia, India, and pretty much every single country in Europe. He is the director of Mt Olymprov, Greece’s very own international improv theater festival that takes place annually and is now at its fifth edition.


He partners with numerous corporations in Greece, where he teaches the art of improv in a business environment and how its principles can be applied in a non-theatrical spectrum. Through applied improvisation, he helps professionals of all fields to work on their public speaking skills, crisis management handling, to unlock their creativity, and to work efficiently within teams that focus on innovation. He strongly believes improv makes better people and, having experienced its influence with businesses, and the education system in the USA, is constantly focusing his efforts on achieving this in Greece as well.
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