People Development, HR & Organizational Consultancy

People development

Our passions and needs combined with the needs and the passions of the organization that we work for,  should be our driving forces towards development.

We can be developed only if we want to, only of our heart beats for what we do, only if no-development is not an option, only if we are self-motivated enough to seek it anyway.

We can be developed only if the manager/coach/mentor who is involved in our developing, creates a sincere environment of trust, only if the intention is non – biased and true, only if questioning is there to listen and empathize, only if active listening results in understanding and accepting and guiding.

People Development can be successful when time is invested, when care is offered, when inner motivation is stimulated, when the entire system supports it.

When people are developed, everything that involves people is developed and touched, from the CEO to the Customer.

People Development through EQ. Skills that lead individuals to win-win situations and a balanced life.

We train, we coach, we guide, we consult but moreover… we care.

HR & Organizational Consultancy

Assessment of the overall organizational effectiveness, roles /responsibilities, competencies, performance, management assessment, team effectiveness, decision making, organizational chart, HR tools etc.

The creation or re-creation of the Vision, Purpose, Mission, Values and Goals

We assist in creating an organizational environment which promotes initiatives, trust, conflict resolution, synergies, change and change management, coaching, relationship management, stability and mobility.

An environment led by assertive behavior, a win-win attitude, mutual respect, solutions orientations and results achieving.

In other words we customize your Training, Coaching, HR Consulting and Public Speaking

based on your needs, your passions and your purpose in development

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